About Syd Media Group

Syd Media Group, founded in 2014, is a Carrollton, Texas-based full-service digital marketing company. We have extensive experience working with all types of industries and niches, including but not limited to dental, legal, real estate, home repairs (plumbing, roofing, etc.), digital marketing, cannabis/CBD and accounting. SMG also has a long history of working with and forming lasting relationships with companies outside the United States.

Jake Rigdon is the founder and owner of Syd Media Group.

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We’re easy to reach and available seven days a week.

An inauspicious start

It all started with a 2 a.m. Skype call.

It was late October of 2014, and the owner and founder of Syd Media Group, Jake Rigdon, was two days into what was supposed to be a three-week break. He ignored the call. Then another call came in five minutes later. Followed by a third call.

Finally, after the fourth Skype call, Jake crawled out of bed and answered (probably cursing a bit, too). It was 2:30 a.m. (Yeah, he was definitely cursing.)

The call was from one of his former clients who urgently needed help with an enormous content project. The writing company he had contracted out was in breach of their contract – which would have meant a massive financial loss for Jake’s client if this other company didn’t come through.

Hence, the ridiculously late Skype call.

Jake’s old client wanted to know if Jake could take over the order. If he did and came through, then he would become his old client’s preferred and primary content vendor.

Sounds like an amazing opportunity, right?

Unfortunately, two boulder-sized obstacles stood in the way: The order Jake’s former client needed was big. Like, too big for one person to handle. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the deadline was in less than a week.

However, it was also too big of an opportunity to pass up, so Jake rounded up as many of his writing friends and former employees as he could muster at that late hour.

In the end? Not only did that motley crew beat the client’s deadline by two days, none of the posts came back for revisions.

And that’s how what was then-called Syd Writing Services was born.

Word quickly spread after that about this little starter company’s ability to pull off miracles – and with incredible quality, affordable rates and a strict adherence to deadlines and following directives. After all, the owner, Jake, got his start as a newspaper news and sports journalist and manager and racked up nearly 30 years’ worth of experience in that industry before transitioning to digital marketing. In other words, things like quality, affordability, and making deadlines were all vitally important to him.

But, over time, Syd Writing Services’ clients started asking about other services. Can you audit the content on my website? Can you create videos? Can you help me with our client’s social media platforms?

And in every instance, Jake and his crew found a way to get those tasks done – with the same quality, low rates and adherence to deadlines as everything else they do.

Thus, Syd Writing Services grew up and became the re-branded Syd Media Group.

Now an all-encompassing digital marketing agency, SMG continues to serve its clients with the same dedication, superior customer service and results as before – only now on a grander scale.

But what about that name – where did “Syd” come from?

All we know is that “Syd” is an acronym. For what, we have no idea – only the owner knows what “Syd” stands for.

Either way, we’re sure glad Jake finally took that late-night call back in 2014. Once you work with us, you’ll be glad he did, too.