Frequently Asked Questions!

We’re happy to answer all of your questions about Syd Media Group –

There are a couple of reasons for this. For starters, and for the sake of transparency, it’s to prevent other digital marketing businesses from knowing our exact pricing. In the long run, this helps keep our rates lower than our competition.

Furthermore, we don’t believe in taking a one-size-fits-all approach. You can still take an ala carte approach to your specific project(s) – which is difficult to convey if you give specific costs

Generally speaking, our content rates start at 4 cents per word, social media management starts at $300 per month, and video creation starts at $50 per video. Of course, those rates may vary significantly, depending on your specific needs. And, the bigger the digital marketing package you buy, the bigger the discount you receive

Absolutely not – spam is incredibly irritating to us, too. Once you fill out the “contact us” information, which includes your email address, we’ll send you one initial email with our price breakdown.

You won’t hear from us again after that – unless, of course, you become a client. If that’s the case, then welcome aboard!

About half of our content curators, editors and managers are based here in the U.S., while the other half are scattered across the globe. There are several reasons for this. No. 1: Most of our clients are based in the U.S., but many others are based in other countries; and, No. 2: Honestly – again, here’s that transparency thing again – we don’t care where our writers are from, as long as they do an amazing job, on time, every time!

Yes! In fact, many of our current clients place relatively large monthly orders with Syd Media Group. Just remember: The bigger the order, the bigger the discount. However, depending on the order size, fulfillment may take longer than five business days. Regardless, we’ll still hit your deadline!

Yes, but there’s an additional charge for orders that require 48- and 24-hour turnaround.

Yes. In fact, all content runs through a plagiarism- and grammar-checker; for the bigger pieces, that content also runs through headline and SEO readability apps.

 Yes! As soon as you receive your order, it’s yours to do with it as you choose. And, yes, that also means you can use your name as the article author.

Yes. Just email us at for details. We’d love to see or hear from you!

That depends on the project, but, generally speaking, we strive for a five-business-day turnaround.

Once you email us back indicating what you want, then an SMG manager will contact you by the method of your choice (email, phone or video chat) and a time and date of your choosing to go over your exact needs and deadlines. Once those details are ironed out, we will start your project right away!

Absolutely. Whether it’s web design, removing Google penalties, writing reviews or fixing broken links, there’s not much we can’t handle. Just send us an email and ask us!

We’d love to help you with that. We would need administrative access to your site (and, if it’s not a common web-building platform, we may need a bit of tutoring on how to send to your site). However, there is an additional charge to post content and/or art for you, so please bring that up when we discuss your project.

That depends. We generally accept unlimited revisions for free, but if mistakes occur due to a lack of communication on your part, then we’ll have to charge you as if it’s a new assignment. However, that’s extremely rare. Syd Media Group has a revision rate of 0.04 percent. Believe it or not, our rewrite percentage is even lower. And most of the time, revisions are minor.

 PayPal or Zelle.

We’ll send you an invoice at the end of the month.

We’ve tried all sorts of delivery systems, including Sync, OneDrive and, of course, Dropbox. And you know what we’ve discovered? Email is still the best. However, we can deliver your order any way you prefer, even if it’s to your company’s administrative system.